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“How much does it cost?”

Perfect Me, one to one session is just £45 for individual attention and specific personalised fitness programme.

Perfect Us, small group session for up to four people is only £70 per session, and offers excellent personal training value, depending on how many people attend, it could be as little as £14.50 per person.  Each group member will have their own fitness assessed and a group session designed to suit everyone.

“If Fit Perfect come to my house to train me/us, how much space do I need?”

Perfect Me, one to one and Perfect Us small group sessions will be fine in the average sitting room and can be adapted to fit the space you have and if your numbers.  Fit Perfect workouts are perfect for the outside too, in gardens, parks and other public open spaces.

“Can I bring my pre-school child to an outside training session?”

Of course!  Best to come along prepared though, if your child is old enough to be out of a buggy, why not take them to the playground or park early so they can have a long play beforehand.  Don’t forget to bring them a book or toy, snack and drink to entertain themselves while you workout.

“Can I bring my dog to an outside training session?”

Yes of course!  Though if you’re in a Perfect Us group, it’s important that the rest of the group are happy with this arrangement before your dog is brought along.

“What should I wear?”

You don’t need an expensive sports outfit to get a good workout!  Though as a minimum I thoroughly recommend properly fitted trainers and comfortable clothing you can move easily in, that won’t make you too hot.  A properly fitted and supportive training bra for the ladies is a must.

“What happens if I can’t make my session or am late”?

Fit Perfect cancellation and postponement policy states that you’ll need to give a minimum of 24 hours notice to postpone or cancel a session or you will forfeit the session at full cost.  If Fit Perfect cancel or postpone outside the minimum 24 hours notice, another session will be arranged at no extra cost.

If you are late, your session will begin as soon as you arrive and finish at the designated finish time, so as not to delay the client following your session.  If Fit Perfect is late, the same rule applies, and the missing time will be made up at the next session for no extra charge.

“Do I need my Doctor’s approval before I workout with Fit Perfect?”

Before any advice is given or physical activity is embarked on you will have a private and confidential consultation, during which your health history, well-being and any diagnosed illnesses and conditions will be requested.  At which point you may be asked to provide a doctors approval before Fit Perfect can work with you.

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