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“I was being nagged a bit by my wife to do something about my expanding gut, and general lack of fitness, so somewhat reluctantly I started a course with Hilary. Well, what do you know, after a few sessions I really started to enjoy working out, and by the end of our first series of ten- one to one- sessions I was really lovin’ it!  I have seen a rise in my fitness and stamina level, a fall in my girth and in body fat. It’s a great feeling and  I can heartily recommend Hilary to you and my wife is thrilled!” Nicky Horne – Radio Presenter
“We have two children who have been doing Fit Perfect Saturday Morning Children’s Fitness Clubs since September 2013. It started from me seeing the children in the woods enjoying themselves keeping fit whilst I was out for a run one Saturday morning.It can be a bit of a struggle to get them out of bed in the morning but by the time they meet Hilary and the other children in the woods they are raring to go.

It really has led to a positive change in my children – Georgina (14) and Lottie (11) – to such an extent that they now do their own exercises at home everyday after doing their homework ! ” Lee Marple – working father

“Within a few months of signing up with Hilary, I felt fitter, stronger and far more toned – especially around my stomach (which I had been starting to think I would never shift!). Hilary makes each session fun, varied and tailored to the your own specific goals – whether that’s a physical goal like a marathon or just the desire to look good and passable in a bikini!” Karen Simmons – Mother of three children

“First of all I want to say that I really enjoyed the classes so far.  Much more than I expected.  I really could feel I had a workout without being bored (far from it!) and the one hour just flew by.  The result feels like 5 hours in a gym, squeezed into one.  You are brilliant.  I first thought, I’d only do one and that’s it, but I will come again whenever it is possible.” Theresa Hunt – Working mother of two children

“I am not a naturally sporty person who loves spending her time in a gym.  I’m not sure I always ‘look forward’ to my sessions with Hilary and the rest of the group but I always go away feeling better for doing them!  I even manage to find some energy during the session to have a laugh.  Hilary has a real gift for inspiring and encouraging you to do your best and making exercise sort of fun!  I feel far fitter and trimmer than I did when I first started.  I know that if I wasn’t meeting up with Hilary regularly I would stop doing any other exercise and slip back into old bad habits.  It is well worth giving it a go.” Clare Hendry – Honorary Assistant Minister at Grace Church Muswell Hill, N10
“I never hesitate referring my clients to Hilary – she is motivating, fun, inspiring and won’t ease- up until you’ve achieved your goals!” Stephanie Ridley – Nutritional Therapist, Nourish to Flourish
“Great fun. Hilary is sooooooooo encouraging, kind and patient which is what I need at my age!” Gina Titheridge  –  St.Helen’s Bishopsgate
“I called upon Hilary to help me prepare for a ski holiday. Her enthusiasm for fitness was infectious and I soon found myself doing squats whilst blow drying my hair! Our 1-1 sessions were always varied, challenging and surprisingly quite a giggle. Whilst I may never be a world class skier I certainly improved my fitness level, muscle tone and knowledge of exercise. It was so refreshing to have someone genuinely keen to understand what I wanted to do and then support me every step of the way to achieve it.” Sarah Wyn-Jones – Working mother of two children
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