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How to get FAB Abs

Pretend, for a moment, that I am your fairy godmother and can wave my magic wand and make any part of your body perfect. Which bit would you choose to improve? The vast majority of people would say their stomach. Men usually want six pack abs and women want a flat, tight midsection with not […]

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Adult Fitness: think SHAPE not WEIGHT

Target weight. Urgh, were there ever two more dispiriting words in the English language? Something about that loaded little phrase is all wrong, if you ask me. It conjures up nasty little images of starving oneself to fit back into favourite trousers from twenty years ago, when what we should be talking about is something […]

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Family Fitness, who is leading who?

Children aren’t physically active enough. Instead of climbing trees and running around outdoors, they’re glued to iPods, iPads and mobiles. That’s a message we’re hearing over and over again in the media – but it’s not just scare-mongering. I hear it from parents too, who have real concerns about the health and fitness of their […]

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Children & Fitness, an Inactivity Time-Bomb?!

Children’s fitness has never been more important, with “worryingly high” levels of childhood obesity in the UK, according to BUPA and BBC . But the really key thing about keeping children and teenagers interested in their own health and fitness is avoiding the temptation to make it all about sport.  Not every child is ‘sporty’, but […]

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Take heart and have a drink!

It’s been all hearts and flowers at Fit Perfect Towers of late. Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but your heart is for life, you know, not just for February 14th! And given that Lent begins on Tuesday with the delicious wondrousness that is Shrove Tuesday – aka Pancake Day – we reckon there’s no harm in continuing to […]

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New Years Resolutions? Ditch them!

It’s New Year’s Day which means just one thing… people the world over are waking up with monster hangovers and vowing to give up alcohol for 2014… Aargh! So predictable. And is anyone else just totally uninspired by the whole ‘New Year, New You’ claptrap that the world and its mother seems to wheel out […]

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Be Cool for Yule, be PERFECT!

Christmas is still a couple weeks off, which means there’s plenty of time to resolve to make this a merry one – but not an unhealthy one. A little of what you fancy does you good, of course, but there’s no need to let ALL your health goals go to pot just because its Christmas. […]

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Trust your Guts…

photograph: Flowers at the Olympic Park – by Hannah Simmons. We’ve all seen those yoghurt ads on TV that bang on about healthy bacteria and the balance of good flora and fauna in your gut – but did you know that they’re actually onto something? Your body is home to more than one hundred trillion […]

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The FABULOUS secret to staying motivated!

It’s October! How the dickens did that happen? Before we know it’ll we’ll all be pulling on woolly jumpers and bundling up in scarves and hats. But that’s no reason to ditch the healthy eating and exercise routine. In fact, as winter creeps up on us it’s important to keep up all those good habits, […]

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Why thin is bad (and fit is good)

If you fancy doing one radical thing for your overall health and fitness this month then try this: throw away your weighing scales. I mean it. Ditch the misleading digits on that little machine that lurks in the corner of your bathroom and enslaves you to an eternal diet. Because the number on your weighing […]

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