Fit Perfect

Chocolate Milk aids Recovery

Yep!  Its official…..Apparently after a strenuous endurance training workout, chocolate milk is the best thing to help your body restore itself.  Now you weren’t expecting that were you?

Research by the Physiologist Joel Stager, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Indiana University, published his findings in this months International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.  Joel tells us that compared to most sports drinks (which are high in additives and not as healthy as the manufacturers would have us believe), the combination of carbohydrate, protein, calcium and the little bit of sugar and salt the body needs to rehydrate and reenergize, chocolate milk is the perfect thing to help restore our tired muscles.  Drinking water replaces fluids lost in sweat, but doesn’t give the body the nutrients and fuel it needs to replace its energy stores, while most sports and energy drinks will rehydrate too they also contain a high proportion of sugar or sugar substitutes, colourants and other ingredients the body doesn’t need.

Now, just before you go guzzling gallons of chocolate milk post workout, it’s not for the casual sports player; it’s perfect for the marathon runner, the long distance cyclist, swimmer and triathlete – all endurance sports that require stamina and constant sustained movement to a high performance level.

If you’re training hard for your first marathon or triathlete event, consider raising your game and recovery rate with chocolate milk, the tasty, natural, effective and nutrient packed energiser!  Isn’t that better than the usual fizzy, sunset yellow, sugary usual drink?  Trust me, your thighs will thank you for it!