Fit Perfect

Why use a personal trainer?

I know what it’s like to join a gym, full of self-motivation and enthusiasm, determined to make it there at least 3 times a week.  Get fit and feel like a Hollywood star!

For the first three months or so, everything is great, you’re there regularly, you’ve had your induction, you know your fitness routine and how the machines work, you’ve started to make friends and the group classes are fun.

But after your summer holiday, things started to slip, the weather was gorgeous at home, it seemed mad to give up the BBQ with friends and sweat in the gym, there’s always tomorrow…. Then you had to cover colleagues holiday’s at work, a big project threw your schedule, you got home late and too tired to get to that kettle bell class, the gym routine or the treadmill.  Your favourite class just moved to an inconvenient time and frankly the gym is dull on your own.

And that was late August.  It’s now November and you’ve been to the gym maybe 4 times since?   Mmmmm….

Think about getting help from Fit Perfect personal training.  My name is Hilary Burbidge and I will take the pain out of staying fit and in-shape.

I can come to your home, regularly, at a time that suits you.  With all the fitness kit and know-how you’ll need to banish bulges and get you in fit and fine form.

As your personal trainer I will help you understand your ideal fitness goals and together we will work to help you achieve them. I have the knowledge, latest fitness research and passion to keep your training sessions fun and effective, you will benefit from my network of beauty, health and sports specialists too.  I will give you guidance and support while you reach and maintain your goals; be it losing weight, toning, shaping and defining your figure, training for that 10k charity run or a marathon, building your stamina and agility for that tennis tournament or helping you drop a dress size for that special day.  Whatever your perfect level of fitness, I’ll be there for you….every step of the way.

Call me, Hilary Burbidge, today on 07801 225 660 for a consultation.